March 17, 2020

The Crime Victims’ Center of Fayette County, Inc. mission is grounded in the concept of providing a safe and healthy environment for our clients.  We stand with our local community in doing our part during the COVID-19 pandemic to protect the well-being of those in our county and beyond.  For those reasons we are taking measures to implement various protocols for the next few weeks. 

We have reached out to our local hospitals to assist them in handling situations where a sexual assault has occurred. We want to assure our clients that the hospitals are working closely with our Agency to provide them with the necessary information and support that they will need.  Our information will be provided to those individuals and we will reach out to them either at that time they are seeking medical services or as a follow up the next day. 

We are also working closely with our Judicial Court System and assessing case needs based on requests.  We will still provide accompaniment to Magistrate offices and Court hearings as allowed and/or requested.  Clients requesting SVP (Sexual Assault Protection) Orders and PFI (Protection From Intimidation) Orders will be seen at our office and a phone hearing will be held with a Judge. 

Counseling and Therapy services will be offered by phone.  If we have a specific request for an in person counseling session we will evaluate the needs and make a decision at that time.  For those individuals in crisis, you may be seen at our office or by calling our 24 hour hotline 724-437-3737.

Our other services such as Child Custody Seminars, Parenting Classes, Educational and Professional Trainings, and Community and Outreach programs and events are not being conducted at this time and information on further scheduling of such services will be monitored and updated accordingly. 

As always anyone seeking assistance or services is asked to call our office or 24 hour hotline at 724-437-3737 and speak with a staff member or volunteer. 

We ask that you focus on facts and act with common sense and sound judgement. Please follow the CDC’s guidelines for your safety as well as the safety of others.   

Our hope is that we all remain safe and healthy during this extraordinary time. 

Andrea Hibbs
Executive Director