Parenting Support

As a parent, do you feel as though you’re at the “end of your rope” and don’t know what to do? 

We can help.

Is it a crisis?

If it is, call our 24-hour hotline at 724-437-3737. You can also contact or you can reach the Pennsylvania Family Support Alliance office at 1-800-448-4906.

Nurturing Parenting Program: Life Skills Classes

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In these classes we explore how you were parented and how that influences the decisions you make now. Ages and stages of developmnet are described to help you understand appropriate expectations of behavior in your child. You’ll learn discipline skills use the teach-and-train approach that will provide an opportunity for responsible behaviors.

Our Parent Life Skills Classes are available as an 11-week series of educational presentations including:

  • Types of abuse Anger and stress management Infant care
  • Toddler development Stages of development Parenting styles
  • Expectations of children Discipline = teach and train Building a bond
  • Safety-home and personal Self-esteem 4 goals of behavior
  • Encouragement vs. praise Temperament/personality Polite requests
  • “I” messages Mutual respect Routines
  • Communication blocks Family meetings Tantrums prevention

These classes include information on Bullying, Safe Touch, Nutrition Education (PSU), and Job Seeking (Career Link); our “Drug Babies” and the “The Truth About Drinking” series, plus other presentations by the Private Industry Council, Adagio Health, Fayette County Drug and Alcohol Commission, Head Start, and dental health professionals.

We encourage discipline as a non-violent teaching process. With our 1-2-3 Magic video and the 1-4, Active, and Parenting Teens videos, you will learn how to reduce conflict and become more effective in raising your children.

One-on-one Parent Education and Parent Counseling

One-on-one education and counseling are available through the Crime Victims’ Center. This one-on-one service will give support to parents by offering individual assistance.