The Crime Victims’ Center of Fayette County is the only approved and licensed agency in Fayette County to provide these programs.

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This seminar was designed by Families First to assist parents with their concerns about the impact of divorce on their children. Research indicates the effects of divorce on children can be negative and potentially long term. This educational program is designed to teach effective parenting during the transitions of divorce or parental separation.

Participants in this group are mandated to attend. The seminar is four hours. Presenters have trained in child development and family systems to help the dynamics occurring within the participants. Parents are given the opportunity to shift their attention from the personal aspects of the divorce to the needs of their children. This program is a national program. Topics include:

  • Establishing a co-parenting relationship
  • Talking to your child about divorce
  • Guidelines for helping children adjust
  • Changes in the living situation
  • Developmental stages
  • New family structures
  • Feelings associated with divorce
  • Ways that children of different ages react during transition
  • A parenting approach that will benefit your children
  • Suggest ways for talking to children about divorce
  • Other adjustments children will need to make


This program is offered in conjunction with TransParenting. Rollercoasters is the children’s program, which is designed to create understanding for children who are experiencing the separation or divorce of their parents. This program helps children resolve self-blame, overcome a sense of loss, acknowledge the permanence of the divorce, alleviate anger, resume developmental agendas at school and develop hope and confidence for the future. This program is offered on an as requested basis.