Support Groups

This support group welcomes all parents and family members who have lost a child to a violent crime.

It is an open ended, strictly confidential group that meets the last Thursday of each month at the CVC located in Oliver Square, Uniontown from 6:00-8:00 pm. The participants have the opportunity to share their loss and discuss their shock, frustration and the pain of losing a child suddenly to a violent act.

Assorted topics include denial, anger, guilt, loneliness, depression and how one may become over-protective of other children in the family.  Guest speakers and other activities such as collage therapy art, celebrating each deceased child’s birthday, group picnic and a special holiday memorial service are included.

The goal of this support group is for parents and family members to bond and realize that others understand and recognize their tragic loss.

If you are interested, call 724-438-1470 or send us an email about any of the above support group services.